Boost Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Bertelsmann is preparing to leap forward with a future-focused strategy and a Group-wide growth initiative. Between €5 and €7 billion in investment funds will be available over the next few years to advance existing and new business. The “Boost” strategy requires the formation of strong units, focusing investments on companies and lines of business that benefit from digitalization, increasing demand for online education and growing consumer needs. By doing so, Bertelsmann focuses on sustainable organic growth.

The strategy is based on five growth priorities: creating national media champions, expanding global content businesses, and strengthening Bertelsmann’s global services, online education and global digital holdings. In addition, Group-wide projects will be driven forward, such as tech & data, collaborations and alliances, training and continuing education, and the achievement of climate neutrality. This strategy will also enable Bertelsmann to meet the growing competition with the major tech platforms from a position of strength.

Strategic Growth Priorities
Global Content
Global Services
Online Education
Investment Portfolio
Target Portfolio
Strong growth